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6 Irresistible Stone Wall Cladding Ideas For Your Home

Stone Wall Cladding by Cladding Studio in Goa

Gone are the days of bare and boring walls that make your home feel dull. While we have multiple ways to jazz up walls, we think this might be just the thing for you. If you’re intrigued by the rugged facade of stone and have always wanted a way to incorporate it into your home, stone wall cladding is all you need.

By using natural stone cladding, you can add depth to a room. And even with minimal effort, the space looks fresh and new. Jazz up your home instantly, while knowing that the result will be both beautiful and durable.

What is stone cladding?

Stone cladding is a decorative covering made of real or simulated stone. You can use it to layer walls made of concrete, steel or cement. Materials used for cladding can be natural stones like granite, sandstone, slate or materials that look like natural stone and are light in weight like veneer.

What are the benefits?

Available in a variety of colors, textures and patterns, stone cladding is a sure way of adding elegance and a sense of history to your home. Not just that, it acts as a protective covering on walls and also aids in insulation or maintaining the temperature of your home.

Where can you use it?

A relatively inexpensive decor trend, it is slowly gaining popularity in Indian homes. You can use it to enhance any setting, big or small, and make it visually arresting. Here are some irresistible stone wall cladding ideas for your home.

Interior Stone Wall Cladding

  1. Rustic touch
  2. Beauty in asymmetry
  3. Black beauty
  4. The 3D effect
  5. White and serene
  6. Where you least expect it

Exterior Wall Cladding Designs

  1. Tuscan-inspired exterior cladding
  2. Stairs
  3. Decorative cladding
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